KNOW YOUR STUFF – Wed, Apr 22, 2020

Luke 20:39 KJV

Then certain of the scribes answering said, Master, thou hast well said.

It is very normal to know that Jesus faced a lot of opposition from the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducess of his time. Even before he grew up. We are told at the age of 12 He was found splitting heads with the teachers of the law in the temple, after He had been lost for 3 days.

Naturally, we all love to protect our spaces. In High School, we read of the many oppositions scientists faced from the science community whenever they came up with new Postulates or wanted to propound a Theory.

So it wasn’t easy for a section of the Scribes to finally admit that indeed, Jesus had done well. They knew how hard the questions they had asked Jesus were, in fact it took them some good time to come up with those questions. Yet Jesus had answers for them with cheeky ease and yet they couldn’t answer His.

Yes Jesus is God and Man! Yet He took the scriptures really seriously. In Paul’s second letter to Timothy (2:15), he admonished the young man to study to show himself approved of God. Sometimes, I really feel sad for Chrisians who seem to know nothing about the scriptures. You can’t know the scriptures if devote no time to it. Begin studying now!

Have a blessed day.

#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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