DO THE DANCE – Thu, Apr 18, 2019

Psalm 149:3-4 KJV

Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.

[4] For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.

Recently, a song titled Do The Dance, made waves among Ghanaian youth. One of the key reasons why this track by Eddie Khae gained popularity was because it came with its own special dance.

Though this dance seems simple on the eye and easy to do, people like myself, with no dance-gene in our make-up, struggle to get the first steps right… it’s a disaster!

I don’t know what kind of dance the Psalmist did in his days but clearly the purpose of his dance is in praise of his God, Jehovah.

The dance you do for the LORD may have no formula. It may not even be consistent with any known rhythm, but still do it. Do a dance of praise to the LORD, because he takes pleasure in you. He loves to see you do it with joy in Him, it brings Him much joy that you took those steps just for Him. Do the dance for Him when you have to.

Have a blessed day.
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Psalm 148:13 KJV

Let them praise the name of the Lord: for his name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven.

One of the commonest prayer topics you are likely to hear in almost every gathering of believers is that of praise. You would often hear a statement like this: “Begin to bless the Lord, praise Him for His goodness.”

The practise has become so common and widespread that most believers follow the same pattern even in their own personal devotions. Showering Him praises has become a requisite for time in His presence, the two are not mutually exclusive.

The Psalmist opens this up by demanding a similar attitude from all that is in heaven; from sun, moon and stars. He calls for praise from sea creatures, mountains and fruit trees. From cattle, creeping and flying things, princes, maidens, old men and children… all because His name alone is excellent!!!

As we approach the Easter, may praise for His excellent name fill your lips each day because He paid the price to redeem you. Never take this for granted.
Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him more and more!

Have a blessed day.
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Psalm 147:4,9 KJV

He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

[9] He giveth to the beast his food, and to the young ravens which cry.

In one of my favourite movies of all time, A Walk to Remember, one of the lead characters, Jamie, had a special interest in stars and galaxies. She built telescopes to view them and could mention a few by their names.

Those were a few of her abilities that would later wow her boyfriend, Landon Carter. Her love for God taught the young man that if God indeed knew the names of all these stars, then it should be easy for God to love him, Landon.

God’s love and attention for His creation; whether stars of the skies or ravens of the air, is unquestionable! Knowing each single thing by name, animate or inanimate, is mind blowing. So there’s absolutely no way you should allow yourself to be overcome by religious propaganda that God doesn’t care about you.

He has special interest in what we consider as nothing, how much more you, the very best of His creation… His masterpiece, in whom He put a portion of His own self, in whom He breathed. This love is deep, it is excellent, it is yours to accept and receive.

Have a blessed day.
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DRY AND THIRSTY DESIRE – Fri, Apr 12, 2019

Psalm 143:6 KJV

I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul thirsteth after thee, as a thirsty land. Selah.

When I was young I lived in a compound house and like some of the other children, would take turns to sweep the main compound when it got dirty.

To keep the dust from rising while sweeping, it was prudent to sprinkle some water on the compound first.
When temperatures were very high a little water on the ground almost vanishes. The ground quickly swallows up all the water as if no amount could satisfy it.

David in this Psalm compares his desire for the LORD to a dry piece of land in need of water. To quench this land requires not small amounts but a total dousing with water.

True desire is no lip service, nor is it public display of showmanship. It is a genuineness to seek Him deep within your heart, which culminates into actions that inspire onlookers.
I pray for a ‘thirsty-land-desire’ in your search for Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Have a blessed day.
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BURN IT UP – Wed, Apr 10, 2019

Psalm 141:2 KJV

Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.

I’ll always remember my primary school headmaster for one thing. I don’t think anyone who knew him well enough could ever help but notice how much incense he burnt in his office.

I really didn’t know what brand of incense it was but it had a unique scent that one could pick up about two rooms away from his office. According to him, it warded off evil spirits and kept him in a safe zone.
Moses gave the Israelites incense from God for other reasons.

In the Book of Revelation we read that the prayers of the people are presented to God mixed with the sweet smell of incense (Rev 8:3-4). Perhaps David caught a glimpse of this in a vision and so was able to make such a prayer (Ps 141:2).

The smoke of our prayers are sweet smelling unto Him and they rise up like incense to our God. Angels are in place to ensure this so don’t render them jobless or idle. Burn some more and more incense in prayer and cause Heaven to notice your location by the scent you produce.

Have a blessed day.
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TRAPS – Tue, Apr 09, 2019

Psalm 140:5 KJV

The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set gins for me. Selah.

Some of our childhood memories which may never leave us are the traps we set to catch “Okpo.” That’s what we called pigeons and doves, we cared little about their differences. All one was interested in was to have ‘a bird in hand’ at the end of the day.

As time went on, and as we became more ingenious with trapping, we moved on to higher levels; we focused more on cats 😓. The best traps were usually set by one dude called Otokori, and mehnn he did make a name for himself in our circles.
One thing I never understood then was how these animals never saw through these simple basic traps.

Whether or not David could see through the traps that had been set for him, he knew he couldn’t escape them all by himself, more especially for those that we set up in higher realms.

I pray that God will cause your soul to escape like a bird out of the snare of the fowler and may every trap/snare for your life be broken in Jesus’ name.

Have a blessed day.
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…EVEN IN OUR LOW ESTATE – Fri, Apr 05, 2019

Psalm 136:1,23-24 KJV

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

[23] Who remembered us in our low estate: for his mercy endureth for ever:

[24] And hath redeemed us from our enemies: for his mercy endureth for ever.

I was doing some community service in Jamestown, Accra one afternoon when suddenly a group of young guys crowded one gentlemen. Immediately, I thought there was going to be chaos so I walked away as fast as I could.

But while a few meters away, what was supposed to be chaotic sounded like cheers and shouts of joy, a thing we call “giving of fans” in local parlance. I found out Stephen Appiah, former captain of the black stars, was the gentleman in their midst. They loved him for that, even in current higher status, he still remembered his folks and would come around time and again whenever he came into the country.

The Psalmist knew this about God, who remembered them in their low estate, and deserved nothing.

Thanks be to God that He doesn’t treat us based on our statuses, so that nobodies like you and I can also share in His estate. This is a great privilege, enough to merit your praise of Him today.

Have a blessed day. #TGIF
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