OTHER BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – Wed, May 30, 2018

1 Kings 11:41 KJV

And the rest of the acts of Solomon, and all that he did, and his wisdom, are they not written in the book of the acts of Solomon?

Have you ever come across verses like this (1Kings 11:41) in the bible that suggest that there may be other books/material that have some biblical historical records of interest?
Certainly so!

We saw a similar verse while we were studying the book of Joshua (10:13), and now we hear the mention of the Book of the Acts of Solomon. Any student of the bible would love to lay hands on these materials.

When subjects of this nature come up, some of us Christians are quick to dismiss them, because we believe the Bible itself is enough to drum down the message of the Gospel and Christ’s teachings of love. I agree perfectly, but nothing should stop any Christian, who wants to learn, from accessing those historical records that couldn’t be contained in the bible, but were only mentioned or cited.

This link will give you a simple write-up on some of these books and their biblical references I chanced upon:

Other Historical Books referenced in the Bible

Study to show thyself approved of God… (2 Tim 2:15). Make use of the resources available to learn more about your God.

Have a blessed day.
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