GRAIN OFFERING – Tue, Oct 31, 2017

Leviticus 2:1-2 KJV

And when any will offer a grain offering unto the Lord, his offering shall be of fine flour; and he shall pour oil upon it, and put frankincense thereon:

[2] And he shall bring it to Aaron’s sons the priests: and he shall take thereout his handful of the flour thereof, and of the oil thereof, with all the frankincense thereof; and the priest shall burn the memorial of it upon the altar, to be an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the Lord:

In the next couple of chapters we shall be reading a few of the many offerings that were mandatory for the Jews.

Boring as they may seem, they still hold some valuable lessons about the nature of God and the state/form of whatever is presented to Him.

In our days now, we often forget the personality of the God we bring our offerings to. It wasn’t so with the Jews, even with the Grain Offering (which we read about today). They were supposed to offer the very best of its flour, mixed with oil and frankincense.

Always pause to check what you offer. How do you present it? It is of value to you? Is it the very representation of the lot you have? 🤔

Have a blessed day.
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BEING ACCOUNTABLE – Fri, Oct 27, 2017

Exodus 38:24 KJV

All the gold that was occupied for the work in all the work of the holy place , even the gold of the offering, was twenty and nine talents, and seven hundred and thirty shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary.

I did a quick check on Google, to find the actual value of all the gold offerings that were made towards the building of the “Holy Place.” This is what I found out:

A talent of gold was about 34 kilos and a shekel was about 11 grams. So that’s about 986 kilos + 8,030 grams = 994.03 kg worth of gold.
Value of this today is about $40.5m or GHS 117.3m
This was just the worth of gold Moses and his team team accounted for. I won’t go into silver and bronze and all other valuables.

Even though nobody really requested, Moses opted to be accountable to the people. He accounted for every single item donated / offered by the people.

No matter the level of your anointing, certain attributes are expected of your leadership. So the ministry/business may be yours, but be accountable for all your receipts and expenses. It is a good sign of wisdom.

Have a blessed Friday.
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Exodus 36:5 KJV

And they spake unto Moses, saying, The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work, which the Lord commanded to make.

At a point Moses had to stop the people from giving, because they had actually over-given.

We hardly get to these points/positions in our days. Hardly would you ever hear a straight directive from our leaders, Say your church pastor or leader that the giving has become too much and needs to stop for a while.

This is simply because, perhaps, we never actually get there, or probably our leaders never notice.

May God stir in our hearts a spirit to give willingly and abundantly to His house, and to worthy causes His house embarks on. Amen

Have a blessed day.

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PROJECT AIDES – Tue, Oct 24, 2017

Exodus 35:24-25 KJV

Every one that did offer an offering of silver and brass brought the Lord’s offering: and every man, with whom was found shittim wood for any work of the service, brought it.

[25] And all the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, and of fine linen.

I’ve encountered many youth who never seemed to care about their own church’s building project.

When it is time to gather resources via fund raising raising activities like Harvests, they purposely miss out on church or completely look on uninterested. There’s always one excuse or the other.

When the tabernacle, which was to carry God’s very presence was yet to be built, every Tom, Dick and Harry gave their all for this all-important project. They were not fools, scripture described such as wise-hearted (v25). And God in no wise saw them go unrewarded.

This principle has not changed thousands of years into our generation. There’s no wisdom in using tact and skill to avoid participation in resource-pooling exercise for the good of the church community. Stay involved.

Have a blessed day.
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NO PROGRESS – Mon, Oct 23, 2017

Exodus 34:28 KJV

And he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.

It is important to note that Moses had already destroyed the first tablets of stones with the commandments inscribed on them. It took him 40days and 40nights at the mountain of God.

So this was the second set of 40days and 40nights Moses had to spend again to receive what he had received already. A total of 80days and 80nights

That is what sin does! It stalls your progress.
God is ever willing for us to make a u-turn to Him when we sin. We all know that for as many times as we sin, He will always receive us back, because His Love knows no end. But… there are implications on our spirituality.

Sin draws us back, anytime we repent of our sins, we are brought back to a previous position of spirituality. So that instead of making progress, we spend another ’40days’ to receive what we already received. Ponder over this as we begin the week.

Have a blessed day.
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EQUIPPING YOU TO WIN – Fri, Oct 20, 2017

Exodus 31:3-5 KJV

And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship,

[4] To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass,

[5] And in cutting of stones, to set them , and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship.

God’s special session with Moses on Mount Sinai was about to end, it had taken 40days to receive all those instructions! But God wouldn’t just make him go away.

Who was going to carry out all those tasks God wanted executed to the exact specifications? It wouldn’t be fair on God’s part to leave that question unanswered.

In His wisdom, God gave two people (Bezalel and Oholiab) the special ability, wisdom and skill to lead this creative campaign of fine arts. God had it figured out already.

He won’t ask you to undertake anything without equipping you for it. That is why you have to do what you are doing now with much diligence, who knows, it may be the preparation He is putting you through for His grand plan later.

Have a blessed Friday.
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ONE-TIME PREMIUM – Thu, Oct 19, 2017

Exodus 30:10 KJV

And Aaron shall make an atonement upon the horns of it once in a year with the blood of the sin offering of atonements: once in the year shall he make atonement upon it throughout your generations: it is most holy unto the Lord.

I’m reminded of the very first crusade I attended on KNUST Campus when I was a freshman some 14yrs ago. The theme for the crusade was “That one perfect sacrifice.”

The Altar of Incense had one key significance, Aaron offered sacrifices on it JUST ONCE in a whole year. This sin offering was done every year to atone for their sins. Yet it was just a shadow of what was to come.

According to Hebrews 10:1-4 this yearly atonement was unable to take away the sins of the people perpetually. The blood of bulls and goats simply lacked what it took to make a one-time sin offering.

Hence… that Perfect Sacrifice, the once-for-all Sacrifice, the one-time Premium, that needed no annual renewal 😎… JESUS CHRIST.
May our sins continually be cleansed as we subscribe to this one time package.

Have a blessed day.
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