SWEETER THAN WINE – Wed, Jun 05, 2019

Song of Solomon 4:9-10 KJV

Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck.

[10] How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine! and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!

The first time I came across the phrase “young love is sweeter than wine” was in a Nigerian movie I watched in the late 90s. An old woman used those words when two families rose up against two lovers.

Somehow, those words never left my head. So I guess I may have implored them at a point in my own adventures, growing up. In verse 11 for instance when the lover describes the lips of his lover as honeycomb, with milk under her tongue, makes one remember that first kiss 🙊. Of course those are not days we were proud of, but surely the feeling never left.

These days when I perceive the troubles some married couples go through, I wonder if there ever was a stages such as I’ve described above. Life is capable of sucking out all the merry moments, and we need to be weary of such.

Immortalized those moments through pictures, letters and whatever means come naturally to you, so that when life throws a shade at you, you can always go back into time to relive those moments together again. Bring back the love, it’s still in the air, though in a different way 😊.

Happy holiday.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP.

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