Psalm 27:9,11 KJV

Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation.

[11] Teach me thy way, O Lord , and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.

Should you be asked to put out a list of your enemies, who would make this list? 😊

Whoever they are, I’m sure a good number of us won’t have very physically lethal enemies haunting or trailing us all day. The kind we are faced with are still those who make us feel a bit uneasy or have trouble with work, family and business, nothing close to the assassins we watch in movies.

However these were the kind that David was exposed to. He didn’t even know who was snitching on him in his camp. He moved from one cave to the other just to avoid the radar of his assailants… So these words in Psalm 27 meant a lot to David. They flowed from the deep recesses of his heart.

Prayers poured out from the heart are deeply expressive and make waves in heaven, scripture has revealed. If Hannah and Esther’s petition were heard, so would ours in time of distress. Heaven is still waiting to hear your cries.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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