THE GOOD IN THE BAD – Tue, Aug 07, 2018

2 Chronicles 4:11b KJV

…And Huram finished the work that he was to make for king Solomon for the house of God;

When we speak of the temple Solomon built for the Lord, very little is said about where it was built or the significance of that location.

2 Chr 3:1 reveals that the actual spot was on Mount Moriah, where the Lord appeared to David in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. Now this is very interesting, because that particular meeting David had with the Lord wasn’t such a pleasant one, if my memory serves me right. The devil had incited David to take a census against the will of Yahweh, and the king was suffering the consequences.

That was the exact same spot that deliverance came to Judah, when the Angel of God halted the massacre of the Jews (1Chr 21:15-22). David bought that field from Ornan so he could build an altar there to commemorate the incident. Little did he know that he was also cutting the sod for a grand project many years later.

Out of the pestilence and disaster, the foundation for a place of worship, was laid. Out of your troubles and pain, something good would be forged. Out of the sorrows joy will spring.
This is God’s specialty, this is who He is.
Yours won’t be different.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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