2 Samuel 1:19-20 KJV

The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places: how are the mighty fallen!

[20] Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph.

Sunny FM usually plays a short advert of Pastor David Oyedepo reciting these verses on weekday evenings, but it never occurred to me that those were the words of David mourning Saul and Jonathan.

Essentially, David did not see any logic in jubilating over the fall and demise of an anointed man of God, who was his enemy anyway. He won’t even spare the man who came to deliver the news.

For David, King Saul represented the institution of God’s rule over man and so couldn’t take that for granted.
You have no business celebrating the downfall of a man of God, irrespective of the relationship you had with him. Don’t get this misconstrued, I refer to anointed men of God.

Heaven doesn’t celebrate the fall of its warriors and so you shouldn’t. Pray for God’s grace to keep them, and do what you can for the Kingdom to be United, not divided.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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