NAME SPIRITS – Thu, Apr 19, 2018

1 Samuel 25:25 KJV

Let not my lord, I pray thee, regard this man of Belial, even Nabal: for as his name is , so is he; Nabal is his name, and folly is with him: but I thine handmaid saw not the young men of my lord, whom thou didst send.

A few weeks ago I attended a child dedication ceremony at a church in Korle Gono. Using the text above (1 Sam 25:25), the pastor gave a few insights into why good names are a necessity.

He said that bad names have influenced people negatively since creation, and that is why God changed the names of some people. Jesus did same and so did the apostles. Names are a covering on their bearers.

So when David sought to attack Nabal and annihilate him, one thing Abigail said was, “…don’t regard this man of Belial (devil) for as his name is so is he. Nabal is his name and folly is with him.”
These are very strong words.

So next time you want to want to choose a name/nickname for yourself, your child or business, think of the spirit behind the name first. Jacob saw prosperity when he became Israel. Desire good names and go for them, they certainly influence the bearers.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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