Deuteronomy 3:23,25-26 KJV

And I besought the Lord at that time, saying,

[25] I pray thee, let me go over, and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain, and Lebanon.

[26] But the Lord was wroth with me for your sakes, and would not hear me: and the Lord said unto me, Let it suffice thee; speak no more unto me of this matter.

Many times when we hear and read that the man Moses was a great intercessor, we are not made aware of some his most challenging moments. God loved him most, in his days, but not all his prayers yielded positive responses from God.

When God told him he was not going to enter Canaan, Moses didn’t easily let it go. God’s response to his request in v26 suggests that Moses went knocking many times for God to change His mind, but He’ll have none of that, and forbade Moses to speak of the matter again.

So there you go… persistence pays, yes. But persistence even has a limit. St. Paul prayed for the thorn-in-his-flesh to be taken away, but it remained for as long as he lived.

Being a spiritual juggernaut doesn’t guarantee 100% success with all your requests. It’s ok for a few to elude you. This is no mediocrity, it is the reality. Don’t go searching for solutions in certain places, you may end up with something else.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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