NOT JUST ANY HELP – Tue, Jun 14, 2016

Hosea 14:3 KJV
Asshur shall not save us; we will not ride upon horses: neither will we say any more to the work of our hands, Ye are our gods: for in thee the fatherless findeth mercy.

Usually when troubles seem to overburden us, we are tempted to welcome help from any where. Anyone who hasn’t had this thought hasn’t really been pushed to the wall yet.

I know Christians, even those in ministry, reconsider God’s existence when the going got really really tough. The thought of embracing help from ‘just anywhere’ may occasionally might have crossed their minds.

This was case with Israel when the world seemed to crushing on all sides, but God through prophet Hosea wouldn’t have them welcome help from Assyria and her gods.

If God didn’t want it then, He doesn’t want it now! Be careful in your choice of source when it comes to welcoming help in desperate times. You may put yourself in a deeper trench.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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