WHAT MATTERS TO YOU? – Tue, Jan 13, 2014

Jerusalem%20800x2851 Chronicles 9:1 KJV
So all Israel were reckoned by genealogies; and, behold, they were written in the book of the kings of Israel and Judah, who were carried away to Babylon for their transgression.

From Chapter 1 to this very chapter we’ve been reading about the geneologies. Boring as it may seem, it still holds a lot of information for us Christians.

This very verse (i.e. 9:1) signifies a very important landmark in Jewish history, as well as the history of the bible.

Some theologians say that not all the books were carried into exile in Babylon. Others say all were carried but not all were returned. And yet these books alltogether form a greater chunk of the scriptures we read today, in our time.land-of-babylon

God won’t judge you for knowing which of these books should or shouldn’t have been there, but you’d be required to account for how much work you did with the little you heard.
Concern yourself with the things that matter, the things that will bring you into his eternal bliss in heaven.

Have a wonderful day.

#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay

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