DIVINERS – Thu, Oct 02, 2014

crystal_ball_galaxy_w11 Samuel 6:2-3 KJV
And the Philistines called for the priests and the diviners, saying, What shall we do to the ark of the Lord ? tell us wherewith we shall send it to his place.

[3] And they said, If ye send away the ark of the God of Israel, send it not empty; but in any wise return him a trespass offering: then ye shall be healed, and it shall be known to you why his hand is not removed from you.

Sometimes when I read passages like this, my little knowledge of scripture is challenged to an extent.
Another example is when Saul sought a diviner to invoke the spirit of Samuel.

I ask myself “how is this possible?”
In 1 Sam 6:2-3, the philistines sought for help from the diviners who gave them very specific direction as to what to do, and it was so.

I have come to realize that it is not really about who is delivering the message. God can choose just whoever He wants to send a message down, even the most unlikely of persons.

He is God and he owes no one an explanation for what He does. He does not live in time, time rather exists in Him.
Too many questions may not help our cause. Let’s always bear in mind that His way aren’t ours.

Have a blessed day.

#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay

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