Mon, Jul 18, 2022

Matthew 11:30 KJV
[30] For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

One movie that scared the heck out of me while growing up, was the classic Nollywood film titled “The Last Burial.”
I guess the movie had the same scary effect on most of my age mates too. It focused on the ordeals men go through just to attain a certain social status.

So behind all the pomp and glamour that came with their wealth, they had serious scores to settle every now and then, with whatever deity/power was responsible for their wealth. They always had to go back to renew their covenant, no matter how costly.

So when Christ says His yoke is easy and burden light, sometimes it is prudent to look at it from this perspective, where He doesn’t make outrageous requirements/demands to keep your relationship with him renewed.

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All that is required is to keep your personal relationship with Him intact daily, and make prayer your friend. These are the “burdens” you’ve got to deal with should you decide to be on His side. As easy as it sounds and He will take take care of the rest.

Have a blessed day


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