RESTITUTION – Wed, Oct 11, 2017

Exodus 22:1 KJV

If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep.

The Law, given by God through Moses, had very interesting commands. One such is replacing an ox with five (v1) or double what is stolen if caught red handed (v4).

Interesting as these laws are, one can identify a very subtle theme in all or majority of these commands, whether they are on protection of property, safety, etc. That theme is restitution.

I believe the penalties for all the wrongs listed out in this chapter are aimed at replacing what is lost and not just pulling the ear of the culprit.
This is why when you are pleading for forgiveness for a wrong done, you need to make restitution. Return what you have taken. If that can’t be done, return value for it instead.

“I’m sorry” may be good but not always good enough. Go out of your way to replace what’s lost just in a bid to add value to your words. This is scriptural and godly. 😎

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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