Genesis 15:6 KJV

And Abram believed in the Lord ; and He counted it to Abram for righteousness.

I loved the ‘Journey to the West’ TV series when I was a little boy. I remember how high the Monk Tang Priest (Shifu) held righteousness and holy living. Majority of religions profess same. In fact many believe they just have to live a righteous life for all to be well with them.

But Prophet Isaiah slaps us in the face when in 64:4 he tells us that ‘all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags…’ What then would it take for one to be saved? 😳 Abram shows us the excellent way: belief/faith in the Lord.

Your belief in God is counted as RIGHTEOUSNESS, so that though your high moral standards are good, they may not themselves merit you a place with the Lord. This applies to all other good deeds. They are good but not enough.

There is always the good example of the thief on the cross. He only believed… the rest is history. Hold unto your good deeds, but moreso believe in Him like Abram, so your righteousness will be meaningful.

Have a blessed day. #CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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