PROJECT AIDES – Tue, Oct 24, 2017

Exodus 35:24-25 KJV

Every one that did offer an offering of silver and brass brought the Lord’s offering: and every man, with whom was found shittim wood for any work of the service, brought it.

[25] And all the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, and of fine linen.

I’ve encountered many youth who never seemed to care about their own church’s building project.

When it is time to gather resources via fund raising raising activities like Harvests, they purposely miss out on church or completely look on uninterested. There’s always one excuse or the other.

When the tabernacle, which was to carry God’s very presence was yet to be built, every Tom, Dick and Harry gave their all for this all-important project. They were not fools, scripture described such as wise-hearted (v25). And God in no wise saw them go unrewarded.

This principle has not changed thousands of years into our generation. There’s no wisdom in using tact and skill to avoid participation in resource-pooling exercise for the good of the church community. Stay involved.

Have a blessed day.
#CarllyDevotionals #1ChapterADay #OCP

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