WHO IS WICKED? – Wed, Apr 25, 2015

Job 20:4-5 KJV
Knowest thou not this of old, since man was placed upon earth,

[5] That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment?

In my opinion, the central theme of the book of Job, must have something to do with ‘the end of a wicked man.’ Far too many verses have been ascribed to this, probably because Job’s friends were too suspicious of him.

So who exactly is a wicked man by God’s standards?
I did a quick search and came by a lot of verses:
Gen 6:5, Gen 13:13, Exo 23:1,7… the list is endless.
In all these God refers to all sinners as wicked people!!!

So he who disrespected his parent, he who told a lie, he who fornicated and he who killed his neighbour are all WICKED in the eyes of the Lord. And according to Zophar, Job’s friend, that joy we gained from perpetrating these acts are only short-lived.

This makes me very uncomfortable because I’d have loved to fall out of that bracket, especially after reading the whole chapter of Job 20. But thank God for the blood of Christ, which justifies us and makes us righteous. Please take advantage of His Blood while you still have time.

Have a blessed day.
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